Non-metal implants, are made from the most bio-compatible available today.

Implants are the best tooth replacement option that is available in today’s modern world of dentistry. There are 2 choices: Titanium alloy and Zirconia-a derivative of the metal Zirconium. Zirconium is changed into a ceramic (Zirconia) by means of a chemical process that changes it’s molecular structure. This chemical change results in an ideal, biocompatible, non-metal substance used in implants in the mouth and joints. 

Some ask whether Zirconia Ceramic Dental Implants are considered better than metal titanium implants?  It boils down to biocompatibility. Titanium as a pure metal is very biocompatible. HOWEVER, the metal alloy implants used today contain Titanium plus other metals like Ni, Ai and V which can corrode, conduct heat and conduct galvanic shock. And of course, they are not cosmetic due to their metal color. Ceramic implants have many characteristics that make them the ideal dental implant. Zirconia is a very hard material and is very strong. It is 100% metal free and white in color so it looks like a tooth. It’s perfectly biocompatible (does not stimulate a host response), bioinert (non-reactive), has no galvanizing effect-electrical conductivity and does not corrode like metals do. In other words, it has no metal properties or characteristics. Ceramic implants are newer, FDA approved, durable, beautiful, biocompatible and biomimetic.

There are several advantages of zirconia ceramic implants. Listed are just a few:

  • Utilized with great success for over 45 years in medicine-mainly for prosthetic joints and dental implants,
  • Bio-compatible- very friendly to gum tissue and bone. No allergic reactions, no sensitivity to hot or cold temperature and no impact on taste. 
  • Bioinert; do not cause gum tissue or bone reactions.
  • No galvanization side effects like metals.
  • No corrosion – the zirconia dental implant material does not corrode or break down into particulate matter like titanium. So it won’t leach into the body.
  • Zirconia is white and more similar to the color of natural teeth, it has distinct cosmetic advantages over titanium. Ceramic dental implants will not reveal gray shadows/lines like in the case of titanium implants.