Protect your Oral Health with Ozone Dentistry in Colorado Springs, CO

Ozone has been used in medicine for over 100 years and has been used in dentistry to treat millions of patients in Europe. It destroys bacteria, viruses, mold and yeast while simultaneously stimulating the immune system. Ozone used in dentistry allows us to treat many conditions in a very conservative way. Dr. Brady offers utility ozone therapy throughout his holistic dentistry practice to promote oral health and reduce the need for harmful chemicals and antibiotics.

Benefits of ozone therapy

  • Cavity fillings: Ozone is also used before filling a tooth, which disinfects it and minimizes recurrent decay. When the nerve of the tooth has been damaged by decay, ozone treatment can often reduce the risk of nerve death, thus preventing the need for root canal or extraction.
  • Reverse Dental Caries: Ozone can promote remineralization in your tooth enamel, and in some cases, it can reverse dental caries before they reach your dental pulp. This can reduce the need to drill into your teeth and fill cavities and preserve your natural teeth. 
  • Gum Disease/Certain Tooth or Bone Infections: Because periodontal disease is an infection, ozone can be highly effective in treating this condition to help you keep your teeth and prevent systemic disease associated with gum infection.
  • Dental and Cavitation Surgery: Irrigation of the surgical site with ozone can dramatically speed healing by boosting oxygen levels in your blood. It will sterilize the area and reduce the possibility of infection.

Ozone is used to combat infection anywhere in the body-whether from a wound, a virus, bacteria, etc. Plus it enhances the immune system to help fight disease with oxygen and can help with pain control. Ask about different types of ozone treatment and what they can do for you.  

Learn more about biological dentistry 

At Dental Health and Wellness, we specialize in dentistry that improves your overall wellbeing while reducing the impact of procedures that address your oral health issues. We use advanced technology like ozone therapy and dental lasers to improve your oral hygiene and prevent invasive operations as much as possible. When you do need restorations, we select mercury-free, biocompatible materials that will not irritate your gums. Patients from Colorado Springs, Boulder, Denver, and across the United States are welcome to count on Dr. Brady’s 30+ years of experience to brighten their smile and improve their oral health. Contact us today at (719) 215-9292 to set up an appointment.