Dr. Chris Brady discusses the biocompatible nature of Zirconia implants, an ideal addition to showcase the importance of Holistic Dentistry.

Patient Education Video by Dr. Chris Brady - Dental Health and Wellness, CO
Video Transcript

Hi my name is Dr. Chris Brady. I am a holistic dentist. A lot of times people call and ask about implants – what kind of implants do we use, do we use metal – etc. etc. Well I am here to tell you about Zirconia implants which is a nonmetal implant and which is very, very biocompatible. It is very, very strong and we have done them for about 4 years in our practice, and we have had a lot of success with them and people have really enjoyed having that – knowing that they don’t have a metal implant, which could have a tendency to even corrode up inside your body. Those kinds of things – so call the office today and ask Lisa to get an appointment with m and we will sit down and have a little bit of a planning session so that you can understand more about the benefits of having a Zirconia implant – it doesn’t conduct heat it doesn’t conduct any kind of electrical current, or magnetic current or anything like that and it is very inert, in other words it doesn’t react to your body – but yet at the same time, the body seems to like I t and it agrees very well and it is very strong, at the same time, so I look forward to meeting you – 260 9000