Holistic dentistry is gaining ground, offering a unique approach that considers the link between your oral health and overall wellness. Unlike traditional dentistry, holistic dentistry resolves dental issues and considers your whole body, providing an integrated approach to dental care. 

Looking for a trusted holistic dentist in Pueblo West, Colorado? Welcome to Dental Health and Wellness! Our treatments are science-based, with a focus on natural treatments, aesthetics, and overall health. Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Chris Brady and the team to optimize your oral health with holistic dental care.

The core principles of holistic dentistry 

Holistic dentistry provides a refreshing approach to dental care, emphasizing both oral and overall health. Whether you want a dental cleaning, tooth filling, or implantology, holistic dentistry contributes positively to your overall wellness. 

  • Biocompatibility: We use biocompatible or “tissue-friendly” materials to minimize the potential of adverse reactions to promote overall body health. This means we don’t use restorations like metal crowns and amalgams due to their potential adverse reactions to the body
  • Minimally invasiveness: We emphasize a conservative approach to preserve the natural tooth structure. We underscore the importance of preventive dental care to minimize the need for root canals. We have also invested in minimally invasive procedures like laser dental care and ozone therapy to restore your smile with conservative methods
  • Mercury-free dentistry: Our office is mercury-safe, meaning there is no room for dental restorations like amalgams. We opt for safer alternatives like composite fillings to align with our commitment to overall wellness

Holistic dentistry provides a transformative approach focusing on your health beyond the mouth. Rather than providing Band-Aid solutions, holistic dentists address the root cause of the problem for holistic and sustainable outcomes.  

We are big on the mouth-body connection

Our office does things a little differently than your conventional dentist. Rather than just restoring your teeth, we consider the materials we use in your mouth. While we are passionate about improving your smile, we consider your whole body, too. On numerous occasions, we’ve seen dental restorations causing issues in the body. We aim to spare our cherished patients from experiencing such challenges.

We strongly believe in the mouth-body connection. We recognize that a healthy smile is not merely an isolated aspect but a reflection of overall wellness. Because we understand the link between your oral and overall health, we won’t put metal in your mouth—and where you already have metal fillings, we offer safe amalgam removal.  

Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

Are you considering a holistic dentist? You are on the right track. The following are the benefits of considering this integrative approach to dentistry.

  • Treats the source of the problem
  • Personalized care
  • Educational approach
  • Reduced toxic exposure
  • Focused on total wellness, not just your mouth

Holistic dental care provides a compelling alternative for those looking to manage their oral health in a way that resonates with overall health goals.

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Holistic dentistry near me

Holistic dentistry elevates your health on all fronts. When you embark on a journey of holistic dentistry, you not only achieve a healthy smile but foster a profound sense of overall wellness. 

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A healthy mouth is the first step towards a balanced body.