Looking for high-quality dental care services near Salida, Colorado? Welcome to Dental Health and Wellness! Experience a welcoming atmosphere at our modern dental office, surrounded by cutting-edge technology and a caring team ready to improve your smile and oral health. From simple dental cleanings to implantology, you can be assured of exceptional dental care. Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Chris Brady for a life-changing experience. 

Our comprehensive dental care services

Every person needs a dentist. Whether you need a simple dental exam or a complex treatment like dental implant treatment, we are here to help. 

The following are some dental care services you may be interested in:

  • Family dental care: We love families. That’s why we offer comprehensive dental care services under one roof for all your family’s dental needs. We offer preventive dental care services using a holistic approach to prevent oral issues while preserving your overall body wellness
  • Restorative dental care: We restore damaged smiles with natural, durable restorations. If you have missing teeth, we offer metal-free dental implants as a permanent solution for tooth loss. Instead of titanium implants, we use zirconia implants because they’re non-corrosive, bio-inert, and aesthetically appealing
  • Biomimetic dentistry: Our dental restorations are created with materials that imitate your natural teeth in appearance, function, and strength. Through this dentistry approach, we conserve as much of the healthy structure as possible to keep your tooth intact for as many years as possible
  • Ozone therapy: Ozone is a naturally occurring gas with numerous clinical benefits. When administered by a trained dentist, ozone has strong anti-microbial properties, making it ideal for eliminating viruses, bacteria, and other disease-causing pathogens. Ozone therapy has many dental applications, including periodontal care, cavity treatment, and sensitivity management
  • Sleep disorder treatment: Do you have trouble getting a refreshing night’s sleep because of sleep apnea? We can help you sleep soundly once more. Using the Vivos dental appliance, we can stimulate the natural growth and development of the jaw and airway tissues for healthy breathing and improved sleep
  • Safe amalgam removal: Amalgam fillings have been the standard treatment for fillings, but holistic dentists like Dr. Brady don’t use them because of their safety concerns. Amalgam or silver-colored fillings are created from metal alloys like tin, copper, and zinc bound with mercury. As you know, mercury poses numerous health concerns, including nerve damage, pregnancy complications, and kidney damage. As a mercury-safe office, we use the SMART protocol to remove amalgam fillings safely and create a toxic-free oral environment

Why we should be your go-to dental office

Salida, Colorado, has many dental offices, but we are happy you have chosen us as your preferred dental provider. We always go the extra mile to ensure all your dental goals and desires are met. 

The following attributes make us a one-of-a-kind stop for your dental care needs:

  • A holistic approach to dental care
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • A caring dental team
  • Patient-centered approach
  • Multi-specialty dental care
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