Family. This word means a lot to Dr. Chris Brady and the entire team at Dental Health and Wellness. Because we love and value families, we strive to ensure that you won’t face any challenges when seeking dental care for your loved ones in Westcliffe, Colorado. We offer family dentistry to care for patients of all ages. So, whether you are a child, a senior citizen, or anyone in between, all smiles are welcome in our office. 

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Family dental care that your whole family will love

Finding the perfect family dentist in Westcliffe, Colorado, can be challenging, but when you enter our office, you’ll know you are in the right place. From our relaxing environment and friendly team to gentle techniques, every member of your family will love coming to us. 

We are dedicated to offering dental care to all patients, from the youngest to the eldest. Some of our family care services you can enjoy in our office include:

  • Preventive dental care: We believe that preventive dental care is the best medicine for a lasting, healthy smile. Rather than waiting for problems to occur, it’s cost-effective to prevent them in the first place. We offer routine dental exams and cleanings to prevent oral problems. Our other preventive mechanisms are rooted in improved oral hygiene, optimal nutrition, and natural supplementation
  • Biological dentistry: We use natural treatments to ensure we don’t introduce toxins into your body. For instance, instead of antibiotics that may contain chemicals, we use naturally occurring ozone to kill bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms 
  • Laser dentistry: Traditional dental treatments have a place in dentistry, but it’s hard to ignore innovative dental technologies like laser dentistry. Laser dentistry is a minimally invasive treatment for addressing oral problems like gum disease, mouth sores, discolored teeth, and cavities. Instead of using drills or scalpels, this cutting-edge technology uses a focused beam of light to restore your oral health
  • Breathing and sleep disorders: We understand the importance of sleep in your overall well-being. We offer state-of-the-art oral appliance therapy to correct jaw development issues that affect your breathing and sleep quality

How can you make the right oral decision if you aren’t informed? You don’t need a dentist who works on you without explaining the reasons behind your dental problems. We take the time to teach you and your family about good oral habits and the connection between the mouth and the body. Once we equip you with the right information, you’ll become in charge of your oral health. 

Reap the many benefits of family dentistry

When all your family members see the same dentist, everyone benefits. We can schedule your entire family’s appointments on the same day to save you multiple trips to different dentists. Besides convenience, the other benefits of a family dentist include: 

  • Promotes a positive mindset about dentistry from a tender age
  • Easier tracking of dental history
  • Builds a strong doctor-patient relationship 
  • Tailored dental education and updates
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