Root Canal Removal in Colorado Springs

By Dr. Chris Brady

When a root canal-treated tooth fails, causing discomfort, or when you initially had root canal treatment to save a tooth but are now concerned about the infection spreading into the deeper tissues, you may need root canal removal.

What Causes Root Canals to Fail?

Root canals can fail due to

inadequate canal filling (or contrarywise, overfilling),

a bacterial infection in the tooth following treatment,

leaking through the seal,

and treatment procedure issues.

Extracting a Root Canal-Treated Teeth

Dr. Brady will first numb the area, then clean it and remove the tooth.

To avoid the spread of infection and toxins, any granulation tissue or cysts in the region will also be removed.

What Happens Once My Root Canal Is Removed?

Sutures are used to seal the gum tissue where the tooth was removed if necessary.

Following the healing of your tooth, a natural-looking, functional replacement tooth, such as a dental bridge or implant, is inserted.

What our patients say?

This review is long over-due! I am all for holistic approaches for health support and finding Dr. Brady has been a real blessing.

My daughter and I have been treated by Dental Health and Wellness since about 2013!  Dr. Brady is truly caring and very skilled in the minimally-invasive modalities he offers.

I highly recommend Dental Health and Wellness as the best family dentist!

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