‘Practicing from the Heart’. That’s what we call it. Sorta simple. ‘Practicing from the Heart.’ We like it because it explains a lot about who we are. So we made it our mantra here at Dental Health and Wellness.

What does that mean to you? It means that you not only get the benefits from our advanced clinical training, our commitment to your total body health, our knowledge and practice of conservative, bio-mimetic/logical dentistry which enables us to save teeth that others can’t, the latest modern technology and cutting edge science in treating gum disease, the treatment of dental materials sensitivities, treatment of sleep apnea and state-of-the-art laser treatment . That’s all good. Tremendous health benefits. But, it’s not what you’ll remember most about us. You see, when patients look back at their experience at Dental Health and Wellness, they realize that the level of (beyond) state-of-the-art care they received was impressive but that wasn’t the biggest impression. What they got that was most important was . . . they got our hearts. It’s might be hard to explain, but you can feel it when you’re here and then you’ll know what it means.

We think you’ll agree that good body health starts with a healthy mouth. There is a plethora of modern, scientific data supporting the powerful oral-systemic health connection. Without a doubt there is a true, direct correlation between the health of your mouth and your total body health. Diseased mouth. Diseased body. Heart Disease. Stroke. Cancer. Diabetes. Allergies. Autoimmune illness. Depression. High Blood Pressure. Obesity. Insomnia. All these diseases can be caused by or negatively impacted by the poor health of your mouth-gums and teeth, tonsils and adenoids, airway, TM joints or unhealthy dental materials.

In other words, your dental health is critical to your overall health. That’s why we take our time and don’t rush you in and out. We look at the ‘big picture’ with you. We don’t just analyze today’s problems, but we look into the future with you to give you an idea of how your choices today and in the near future will affect your health for years to come. Prevention. Save teeth.

We will help you create a lifetime dental plan specifically for you. A plan that will help you keep your teeth healthy well into your 90’s and beyond. A dental plan that will support your quest for excellent total body health.

Because of the number of years of experience practicing this way, we at Dental Health and Wellness understand what you’re most likely looking for in a dentist. Does the following sound attractive and would it be helpful to you? A dentist who will listen to you. Someone who cares about how you feel and what you know and believe. Someone who sees the ‘big picture’ and looks beyond just “cavities”. Someone who believes you–and believes in you. A dental office who cares enough to look at what you really want (and need) regardless of the limitations and restrictions imposed on you by your insurance company. And no one rolls their eyes at you.

There are many evolving terms used to describe the kind of dental health care that a growing number of people are seeking to help support their body’s health. Some call it ‘biological’, ‘green’ or ‘alternative’. Others see it as ‘natural’ or ‘holistic’ or ‘bio-compatible’. To some people, ‘regular’, more ‘traditional dentistry is best.

Simply stated . . . our team at Dental Health and Wellness will offer you choices. Healthy choices. Choices you make about your care (with our help). Choices that help you feel better and look better. It’s your body. You know it best. You’re in charge. Our role is to respect the body and aid it’s attempts to heal itself while helping you get what you want.

Dr. Chris Brady

Dr. Chris Brady