Find Biocompatible Dental Materials in Colorado Springs, CP

If you still have mercury amalgam fillings in your mouth, science confirms that you are putting your health at risk. Dental Health and Wellness in Colorado Springs, CO, offers mercury safe dentistry for patients who need fillings and safe amalgam removal to protect their health. Dr. Brady and his team understand that mercury is a neurotoxin and it’s removal should be done with the strictest, safety protocol. Your safety and health are the number one priority. To ensure your safety, each patient is protected so as to minimize swallowing, breathing or ingesting any mercury during amalgam filling removal. Taking Vitamin C (orally or IV) is also necessary as a chelating agent to help dispose of any stray mercury ions in the bloodstream. Dental offices that do not protect you during mercury removal put your body’s health at risk. Additionally, in offices where safe mercury removal protocol is not followed (99.9% of dental offices do nothing to prevent the patient nor themselves from breathing the mercury in the air), the mercury can remain in the office (carpet, furniture, walls, heating & AC plumbing, etc.) indefinitely. 

What are biocompatible materials?

When it comes to replacing your old fillings you may ask, “What will you use to replace them?”  Dr. Brady selects high quality, biocompatible dental materials that will reduce inflammation in your gums, and minimize the risk of complications. These restorations will also blend seamlessly with your teeth for a bright and natural-looking smile.

For those who have chemical sensitivities, we offer Materials Testing to ensure that we will use the right material for you. Materials Testing helps us identify which of the 10,000 dental products widely in use are best for you. After doing this kind of testing for many years, we have noticed that a certain type of approved materials appear over and over again as being safe for a very high percentage of people. So, for those who choose not to be tested, these approved materials are used routinely for our patients with confidence. You can rest assured that what is in your mouth as restorative materials is the healthiest choice.

What is bio dentistry?

Dr. Brady offers holistic dentistry with an emphasis on prevention and conservative treatments to save enamel, preserve your teeth for as long as possible while enhancing your total body health. By educating patients and using advanced therapies like ozone and dental lasers, we can fight off oral bacteria and reduce the need for costly and time consuming procedures ensuring compatibility with the rest of your body. 

When you do need restorative treatments, we will utilize time-tested biocompatible materials that look great, feel great and will last a long time. To learn more about our biological dentistry practices, contact our office in Colorado Springs, CO, today at (719) 215-9292 and set up an appointment.