Where can I get safe mercury amalgam removal?

At Dental Health and Wellness, we provide a wide range of dental services for patients in and around Colorado Springs, Colorado, including safe mercury amalgam removal. In the past, and in some offices today, silver amalgam fillings are placed to address a cavity. However, studies continue to show the challenges associated with these mercury fillings, which makes it ideal to have safe mercury amalgam removal and replacement with an experienced and qualified dentist.

What is the problem with silver amalgam fillings?

Silver amalgam fillings are a traditional type of dental filling used to restore cavities in the teeth. While they have been used safely for many years, there is an increasing concern about their potential health risks because silver amalgam contains mercury, a neurotoxin. Some studies have linked exposure to mercury from silver amalgam fillings to various health conditions, including memory problems, headaches, and kidney damage. Additionally, silver amalgam fillings can cause metal allergies in some people. For these reasons, many dental professionals now recommend safer alternative materials, such as composite resins or porcelain, for filling cavities. At Dental Health and Wellness, Dr. Chris Brady provides the safe removal of amalgam fillings as a SMART-certified dentist.

Why do mercury dental fillings need to be removed carefully?

Removing mercury dental fillings must be done very carefully because of the potential health risks associated with exposure to mercury vapor. If too much heat is used during the removal process, it can cause the release of toxic mercury vapors into the air, which can then be inhaled and absorbed by patients or staff members in the dental office. That’s why our policy at Dental Health and Wellness is to use SMART-certified methods for amalgam filling removal. This method helps ensure that the procedure is done safely and efficiently with minimal risk of mercury exposure for everyone in the office.

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